• Dr Brown's Rachel's Remedy Antimicrobial Breast Pads (Washable) - 6 - Pack

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Dr. Brown’s® Rachel’s Remedy™ Antimicrobial Washable Breast Pads are a breastfeeding mom’s best friend! These extra-absorbent breast pads do much more than provide a moisture barrier for leak protection – these technologically savvy breast pads fight against yeast and bacteria. The ultra-soft organic cotton Sherpa feels luxurious against your skin, while the embedded silver ions are busy neutralizing microbes. Naturally safe for you and baby, the silver ions are unable to transfer from the pads and won’t interfere with your skin’s good bacteria. Each Rachel’s Remedy™ Antimicrobial Breast Pad stays effective through 50+ launderings – just throw it in a lingerie bag, machine wash and dry. Package contains 6 - Dr. Brown’s® Rachel’s Remedy™ Antimicrobial Breast Pads – that’s 300 uses per pack! Designed by Mom and Made in USA.


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