• Dr Brown's No Slip Suction Bowl - 2pk

    KES 1,500

Set it and let the meal begin! The Dr. Brown’s™ No-Slip Suction Bowl keeps messes – and bowls – in place during mealtime. A strong suction cup on the bottom of the No-Slip Suction Bowl can hold up to grabbing, pushing, pulling baby hands so the meal stays in the bowl and not all over the table. It’s also helpful for independent eating, keeping the bowl in place as they navigate picking up food and scooping with a spoon. When you’re done, just pull the quick-release tab for a quick exit. With tall, rounded edges, the No-Slip Suction Bowl makes it easy to scoop up purees and other thicker liquids when spoon-feeding baby. They also act as a splash guard for soups and cereals. Neutral colors go with any décor! Easy to clean and stacks for simple storage. Dishwasher (top rack) and microwave safe. BPA free. 4m+. Specifications: 6”x6”x2”

Material BPA -FREE

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